Anthropomotron 2.0 is Here!

My ‘summer’ project has finally been finished, and I am proud to present Anthropomotron 2.0 to the world. I have been adding features since the end of April, both immediately visible and internal enhancements as my Javascript and XHTML/CSS have improved. The whole list of improvements is here, but in summary you will find:

  • Consolidation of calculation code means more trustworthy internal mechanism and easier addition of more formulae in the future
  • New color palette makes text easier to see
  • Juvenile and adult anatomical (full body) stature estimation
  • More recent adult stature estimation equations
  • Info sheets are now organized in collapsible menus.

The 1.5 release received more attention than I expected, considering my minimal attempt to publicize my app. I will be more proactive with this release, reaching out to different online and offline media that may be interested in all things Anthropomotron. Try out Anthropomotron 2.0 on iPhone/iPad, Android, or web browser!

Update: For the curious, this is day 313, going by the count I started in my early development posts!

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