Anthropomotron 2.1.1 is Out!

My now-yearly update to Anthropomotron should be rolling out on iOS, Android, and this website today! I spent a few weeks here and there getting the app updated for iOS9. While I was staring at the code, I added two new sources of stature estimation formulae from adult limb bone length. One, Sjøvold (1990), is one of my personal favorite sets of formulae as it was the first to use a global sample (making them ‘race-less’) and also use a form of the reduced major axis type of regression, which is less biased at the extremes compared to linear regression. Someone’s attempt to bring both of these innovations back to stature estimation a few years ago went down in flames, but we’ll always have Sjøvold.

Sjøvold, T. (1990). Estimation of stature from long bones utilizing the line of organic correlation. Human Evolution, 5(5), 431-447.

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