Anthropomotron is Now Web-Only

Well, July snuck up on me. Anthropomotron has left the App Store. There are two reasons for this move. One is that stature estimation has been a stable area of research with no major developments that demand further development of the app. The other reason is that it is pricey to keep the app on the iOS App Store. Combined, these reasons mean that I am paying a yearly fee for my app to sit in the store and be downloadable. If you are one of the 5,095 people who downloaded Anthropomotron for iOS, thank you and it should always be there unless if you delete it. I will leave the current version on the Google Play store for Android since there is no charge to do that, but I won’t develop it further. The web version will be the only official one and the only platform I will update. Thank you to everyone who downloaded, used, or shared Anthropomotron! I’ve only heard positive and constructive feedback, which I appreciate.

Here is web Anthropomotron.

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