AnVRopomotron 1.0.5 Update Notes

A new version is here with some improvements I’m pretty proud of. Visit AnVRopomotron!

1.0.5 (04/29/2020)

  • The Philippine tarsier has clung to the Scale Model Hall! This is one of my favorite primates and a representative of one of the big primate lineages. The tarsier is modeled in ‘classic pose,’ holding onto a vertical branch, but this view hides some of their amazing traits. More poses to follow.


  • Info button model looks more like the letter i. For info.
  • Male mandrill skull in the Grab Lab.
  • Hippo ivory harpoon model fixed: normal map depths were too shallow.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.0.4 where stone tools could be picked up with the mouse in web browsers. No… VR only! The reason is that browser grabbing is awkward and I don’t want to push a subpar experience. But:
  • Holoprojectors in the Grab Lab. I figure I should help out browser users, who are 99% of my viewership. Clicking an object now shows a rotating scaled up model to really get into their details. VR users can do too that but can still just move an object closer to their face.


  • Since photos worked so well in the Scale Model Hall, a photo will appear when most objects are grabbed in the Grab Lab as well. Fossils do not have photos. Still trying to find good ones.
  • Little tweaks to text layouts around the place.

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