AnVRopomotron 1.1.3 Update Notes

An update to greet my students at the end of the semester with some additions to Grab Lab and Scale Model Hall. Check it out here or read on.

  • A female eastern lowland gorilla joins the male and mouse lemur display. The male was the first model I made and the difference is stark. I took the polygons of the female and manually adjusted it to the male’s proportions. Male was also reposed to a slight walk.
{ Caption: Mouse lemur: "I'm in danger." (It's actually not in danger). }

{ Caption: Mouse lemur: “I’m in danger.” (It’s actually not in danger). }

  • Mouse lemur model got slight polygon cleaning to be up to current standards.
  • New Grab Lab skulls: rhesus macaque and squirrel monkey.
  • New Grab Lab artifact: Lomekwian hammerstone, one of the oldest known stone tools. I’ve been looking for a Creative Commons model of this for a while! Thanks, University of Central Florida.
{ Caption: Rhesus monkey skull in the holo projector. }

{ Caption: Rhesus monkey skull in the holo projector. }

  • Slight tweak to code involving carrying objects out of Grab Lab.

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