AnVRopomotron 1.2.3 Notes

A Three.JS update bonked A-Frame components in version 1.4.2, needed for Quest Pro compatibility, and my museum of cards collapsed.

  • Updated A-Frame to 1.4.2 and c-frame-managed components to latest versions.
  • Removed aframe-fps-component link and code that allowed switching to mouselook and back in PC mode. It no longer works with the latest A-Frame.
  • A-Frame 1.4.2 and the physics component now loads in a order that does not produce working physics bodies from gltf models. A new component, static-wait, now adds an event listener that waits for gltf models to load before trying to apply a physics body to it. A previously existing component, table-wait, dynamically adds dynamic bodies for grabbable objects in VR.
  • New version, new movement scheme in VR. Smooth movement is back. Right stick smooth turns.
  • Ada Rose Cannon’s simple-navmesh-constraint component is now driving the navmesh. The A-Frame Extras version functions oddly as if everything was shifted despite where the model appeared to be.
  • Two flipped normals in the navmesh fixed to be in line with the rest of the navmesh. This was not an issue with the old navmesh but simple-navmesh-constraint did not like it.
  • Typos spotted and fixed.
  • My name is under the museum name on the back wall now.

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