PaleoCalifornia 1.1 Update Notes

View of LA skyline from the top of one of the skyscrapers

Added walk mode to allow free movement around the scenes. Want to spend more than 6 seconds with the shasta sloths? Perhaps actually see how their animations are randomized? Now you can commune with the sloths and everything else in the ride!

  • Many additions related to the new mode!
    • New button on instructions panel to switch between ride and walk modes
    • Naturally, new instructions depending on which mode is on
    • Use blinking teleport in VR, wasd on PC, and press-to-move on smartphones
    • Nav meshes allow for movement through the scenes
    • VR has extra movement possibilities. Hop on top of some LA skyscrapers or get deep into the nighttime scene.
    • The loading bay scene allows for opening of the Time Tunnel to be mesmerized by the green glow but it cannot be entered
    • Togglable info panels (like AnVRopomotron but with different button logic) to learn about various objects in each scene. Learn about prominent LA buildings, animals of the past, and even the Time Pod itself!
    • Map panels (also like AnVRopomotron) strategically placed to warp from scene to scene.
    • Saber-toothed cat now has more animation so it is not forever pouncing while you are in walk mode. The plant around it has a new ‘animation’ which just holds the plant open to see the cat better.
  • Also
    • Sound/animation desync in the last Time Tunnel fixed
    • There was a typo in the materials setting that actually kept a bug from occurring. Fixing the typo caused some text display weirdness. It’s all been resolved.

Check it out at at!

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