Another Night of Coding Issues

I thought my Anthropomotron update troubles were over when I finally got it running the latest Phonegap, but as I tried to archive the app to upload to the App Store, it failed with an error message:

“‘Cordova/CDVViewController.h’ file not found.”

Looking around on the internet, it appears that this is another bug caused by starting from a 1.x version of Phonegap. The solution that finally worked for me was four-fold.

First, I made super sure that the CordovaLib.xcodeproj file was in my Anthropomotron.xcodeproj file. Confused? These instructions sum up the process. I found that even after following the instructions, Xcode thinks that CordovaLib exists elsewhere on my computer. I had to click on CordovaLib.xcodeproj in my own project’s left sidebar in Xcode, check the right sidebar that says “Identity,” and make the “Location” “Relative to CORDOVALIB.” Phew. But I still got an error. Rats.

Second, I followed these instructions that involve digging into the CordovaLib.xcodeproj file in the Finder via “Show Package Contents,” open the necessary file in TextEdit, and add a few lines of code where necessary. There are multiple “ARCHS” sections so I had to add the lines several times in the file, using the Find function to look for instances of “ARCHS.”

Third, I followed Approaches 1 and 4 of these instructions to get Xcode to look in the right places when building my app and not overthink the building process. (Approach 2 is my first step listed here).

I know the first step is critical for the app archiving process to work. I’m actually not sure whether the second, third, or some combination of steps did the trick, but they didn’t hurt so that’s good I guess.

After that, I was finally successful in packaging Anthropomotron 1.5 and uploading it to the App Store. Review should take a few days and modern body mass estimation can be unleashed on the world!

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