Anthropomotron 1.5 is Out!

Today I’m releasing Anthropomotron 1.5 on iOS, Android, and web browser!!! I’m a bit behind schedule with my plan, but here is the “half” update of Anthropomotron! In the next few months I plan to upgrade the stature section. The programing will be the hardest I’ve ever done, but the results will be really cool.

I’ve also given Anthropomotron it’s own page; before the links to its various versions was just stuck to the top of my CV page. I also bought the domain name that links directly to its new home. Both access points to Anthropomotron will still be available for the time being.

Enjoy the new body mass estimation techniques! I’m especially proud that, with lots of support, I have formulae that are just now available online, but aren’t even in print yet! That’s some cutting edge stuff.

Oh, I found a last second typo somewhere in the app after I had submitted it to Apple. Rather than pull the update and send a fixed version, which would’ve taken another week to get reviewed and accepted, I just let it go for now. The typo is not in the web or Android versions. Bonus points if you can find it.

Update: Anthropomotron has been reviewed! Scottish journal Axis, of the Centre for Anatomy & Human Identification. Read it in PDF form here.

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