Online Videos of Anthropomotron!

Believe it or not, I had not thought of googling my app to see what the word on the street is until very recently. To my surprise, Anthropomotron has a few mentions out on the Internet that I had not known about. There are various sites that catalog apps on the App Store, which actually have some more easily accessible information than the actual App Store (like a handy release date timeline). To my super-surprise, there are also several videos that other people have made about Anthropomotron!

This one is from the North Carolina Virtual Public School. It gives a quick demo of the iPad version.

This is a review by students in the forensics class at the American School in Japan.


I saw a few similarities between the videos. Both are very clear and well done, and I have to note that they are both very favorable to my app (to be honest, I get the shivers when I hear feedback on my work so I tensed up through both of these videos for this blog post). The videos both cater to education as well. This makes me happy because I want Anthropomotron to be both a practical and educational tool. Lastly, both narrators missed the intended pronunciation of ‘Anthropomotron.’ This is not their fault, as I have not heard anyone say it correctly unaided. This is definitely a brand faux pas. To fix this, here is the official pronunciation in International Phonetic Alphabet form:


So easy!

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