AnVRopomotron 1.1.6 Update Notes

A few background changes and some very colorful monkeys. See it now or read on for the changes.

  • Male and female mandrills take center stage in the Scale Model Hall! After some plainer primates it’s time for some primary colors. The mandrill couple shows the extreme sexual dimorphism. While the male mandrill looks fierce, he is depicted starting some grooming on the female, maybe leading to more? This is the first model to use a new base quadruped template based on the old Proconsul. Modeling was fast working off that frame. The Rigify rig is now refined with opposable toes as well as fingers, though these models do not really use that feature. Another new element to the mandrills is the use of blended vertex colors on the rumps. I preferred clearly delineated colors before but the complex shades of the mandrill butts was the perfect place to use some subtle shades. This is also the point where I ran out of creativity in propping up primates to a more visible height and just put them on a box.

Two mandrills groom while an angry chimp looks on.

  • Megaladapis is the latest to get the special edition treatment. It now has more realistic eyes and everything got rotated for a clear view.

    Closeup of Megaladapis showing old square eyes and new spherical eyes.

    { Old versus new eyes. }

  • A new A-frame component now waits for artifact and skull tables to load before placing objects upon them. This should remove reloading weirdness.
  • PC controls are reverted to swiping to look instead of the first person shooter mouselook. I preferred mouselook for its sheer speed and natural feel for someone who navigated a lot of fluid 3D environments with various weaponry in hand. The implementation takes the mouse away from other uses, though. Swiping is more familiar for WebVR and interfaces like Google Street View. If you want that mouselook, it’s just an ‘m’ key away. The wall instructions even change to reflect the mode you’re in.


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