I realized that Comics! Games! Anthropology! still lacks a games article so here goes. While I’m vacationing in Poway I’m having a severe case of game withdrawl. At my parents house, the only machine capable of playing games is my mom’s G3 iBook. It’s so old it couldn’t run Warcraft… Read more“”

I read a very good book on CSS programming at the local Barnes & Noble: Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML (which is now in my Amazon wishlist btw). I was inspired and started tinkering with my blog. From what I can tell, making those little clouds with the… Read more“”

Blog-making is going nicely. I spent a while trying to get rid of the large gap in the sidebar between the category (ie. Links) and the bullets (ie. Google News). I settled on setting the top border of the list to a negative number, making it move up. If anyone… Read more“”